Find out what role suits you in the game industry

Lauren Haigh

Associate Licensing & Partnership Manager

As Associate Licensing & Partnership Manager, I am the go between for any partners that we use for our games and games teams.

Phil Brook

Product Manager

As Product Manager I identify the consumer need and ensure business and overall strategies are working effectively.

Joanna Cook

Senior HR Business Partner

As a Senior HR Business Partner, I look at ways in which we can attract and keep the talent that comes to us, ensuring that we always listen to and support them.

Monji Osso

Quality Assurance (QA) Lead

As a Quality Assurance Lead I lead a team of QA testers and analysts. Our job is to make sure the game comes out as well as it can.

Alexis Evans

Senior UI Artist

As a Senior UI Artist, I look at the graphic user interface for the game and consider how it should appear visually.

Amanda Crampton

UX Designer

As a User Experience Designer it's my job to be an advocate for the player and speak up about what the player wants from each element of the game.

Justin Andrews

Principle Audio Programmer

As Principle Audio Programmer my job is to support the audio designers who come up with and actually create the audio for the game.

Vijay Pendakur

DE&I Industry Expert and Original Co-founder

Learn more about the importance of diversity in the games industry and the vision for this platform.

Tabby Davies

Software Engineer

As a Release Software Engineer, I work as the barrier between the game teams themselves and the platforms where you see the games available to download.

Joanna Jakubowska

Principal UI Artist

As a Principle UI Artist, everything to do with a human-computer interaction and how you understand and move through the game, all come under my role.

Ayush Singh

Head of Product

As Head of Product, my role involves lots of project management as well as being involved in developing the road map for future projects and games.

Daniel Joseph

Lead Game Designer

As Lead Game Designer, my role is focussed on working with a team of designers and guiding them in terms of feature design and game development.

Joe Currivan

Lead Producer

As Lead Producer, I am responsible for project management and delivery management. I work across departments to ensure the job is getting done and direction is clear.

Ben Meredith

Senior Game Designer

As a Senior Game Designer, I focus on various aspects of game design, including narrative design, script and dialogue writing, character design and systems design.

Matthew Cooper

Environment Artist

As an Environmental Artist, I am responsible for creating the artistic vision for levels in video games while bringing a unique spin to the environments too.

Andy McLachlan

Senior Data Analyst

As a Senior Data Analyst, I find ways to report data so that it is easily understood and interpreted by my team, providing insights that could help improve the game.

Abigail Peters

Data Scientist

As a Data Scientist I collect objective data and and come up with solutions to keep improving the game, to give the players the best experience possible.

Kev Adsett

Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer I write code to help the game to understand what it can and can't do, taking the art and design aspects of the game and bringing them together.

Grant Arthur

Senior Producer

As a Senior Producer, I'm regularly following up on work, delivering schedules, coming up with creative solutions so that everyone is happy and the job gets done.

Jennie Lees

Director of Engineering

As Director of Engineering, I work with a team of engineers, making sure that my team are being challenged in the right ways and are happy, not burnt out.

Huda Parween

Senior Game Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst, I monitor the data and work with the product team to improve the games, coming up with new ideas and helping to decide which or idea will perform best.